How to Grow Your Business: 15 Steps We Actually Took Growing to $3.5M/Year

Product development has to be in the service of better experiences. Even if you’ve reached product-market fit, there will always be more you can do to make customers fall deeper in love with your solutions.

14 Ways to Grow Your Business

Scaling your business, building your team and expanding your customer base are all essential if you want to grow your business. However, it’s not always easy to ignite the kind of growth that ensures the thriving, long-term success that carries your company well into the future — especially if you’re not sure where to start.

A niche is a specialized area of a larger market with an unmet need that you can continuously serve with your unique selling proposition. If you find enough people within this niche, they can help you grow your business in a couple of ways: creating a steady income stream and building a loyal customer base. These customers are easy to identify and are a neglected sector that’s ripe for what you have to offer. They require a specific strategy that involves a lot of research on how to approach them and market to them.

Growing your new business: Cost-effective marketing strategies that work

6. Use content marketing to drive organic search

Evergreen traffic has helped us go from a $30k per month business at the end of year one to a $100k per month business after year two to a +$500k per month business today that ranks on the front page of Google for many of the topics we write about.

Like any strategy, the results of content marketing depend completely on setting the right goals and executing the right way. If your goal is to have a blog and you execute by writing blog posts, then that’s all you’ve accomplished.

One, if your content is truly valuable, then you owe it to people to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Two, influencers are influencers because they add value to their audience. If your content adds value to their audience, they’re happy to share it.

Second, optimize the absolute shit out of it. “B” content—mediocre content—is easy and plentiful. That’s why “A” content devours links and social shares. By taking a few extra hours on each post, you can exponentially increase the effect of your content.

It’s the single highest-return strategy we’ve implemented for user acquisition. But blogging for blogging’s sake isn’t enough. Find a specific, unique angle to deliver value to your readers, and do it better than anyone else. You’ll be rewarded forever.

5 steps to make your blog a business growth engine

7. Own your social media channels but be cautious of ‘paid’

Facebook is dominant in this space due to its targeting capabilities, allowing marketers to define and reach specific audiences that fit their target market. Google Ads rank second on the paid front—or, as it’s more broadly known, SEM (search engine marketing).

Social media works quite well for some industries, but it’s not the only way to sell your product and engage your audience. If you are going to use social media for your business, make sure you have the proper resources to build out an effective strategy to avoid burning through your budgets.

8. Build your email list (by any means necessary)

Then, we began engaging with them. We left thoughtful, conversation-provoking comments on their blog posts. We shared their content. We did things that would be valuable to them wherever we could. We sent small asks that paid off big:

Notice that we didn’t send them the post; we asked if we could send it to them. This is a technique we learned from Derek Halpern, and immediately set us apart from the hundreds of others shoving content in the influencers’ faces.

(Even better: when you do send a post to someone you’ve mentioned and linked to, do not ask them to share it. Instead, send them something like, “We included you in a recent post: [link to your post]. If you Ctrl + f for ‘[anchor text],’ that’ll jump you straight to your section. Could you let us know if that’s the right link?”)

9. Hold to your core values and question them

Core values are something that big, slow, old-fashioned companies have. They’re meaningless, churned out by people who get paid to do nothing but churn out things like core values. And they get stuck on a cheesy poster, taped to a wall, looked at once⁠—if at all⁠—and forgotten forever.

By having someone help our leadership team question our core values, we were able to make the necessary changes. Customer satisfaction increased, team morale was much higher, and our tech started running smoothly.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. I waited too long to change our core values when it was very clear they weren’t working. Also, consider hiring a business coach to help you work through them and remain impartial. For us, it was worth every cent.

10. Shift to a business owner mindset

This insight is all 100% free, and it has made a huge difference in the success of Groove. I still make it a priority to devote at least an hour each day to keeping up with some of the highest-value blogs on the internet.

There’s so much free advice out there for startups and small businesses, you’re robbing yourself if you don’t take advantage of it. Too many people look at reading blogs as a way to waste time, rather than the amazing investment in their business that it truly is.

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aglines can come from a number of different sources: some are created by a company’s internal marketing team, others are assigned by branding consultants, and some are even created by famous advertising agencies. We hope you have found yours here. Let us know if you need anything else.

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