Gender Dance: Matriarchal Society

What was the essay about?

The lecture was about the gender-based dances. It was centered on the Tehuana, a culture from Mexico. Something that is unique about them is that the dances were mostly matriarchal. It is a significant dance because it was a widespread culture in Latin America.

What was the purpose of dance?

The dance is one of the traditional ones that expresses the power of women in the society. It is a female-dominated dance that was common in the pre-modern days of the Latin America. Women would accessorize with jewelry and fine clothes. The main purpose was to show that women could be in a position of power in a secular society.

What are three things that you learned today?

  1. I learnt about the Tehuana dances for the first time, during this lecture.
  2. I had never heard of a dance that is dominated by women. The Tehuana dance is a good cultural dance that expresses the power of women.
  • Some of the traditional cultures had a place for women in the society, which is mirrored in the dance.

What impacted you the most today’s lecture?

The most significant lesson today was that women had a place in some of the cultures in the Latin America. It is a distinct characteristic considering the many dances that originated in the Americas that involved partners from both genders.

What did the lecture teach you?

The lecture taught me about the rich culture of the people in Central and South America. It increased my interest in wanting to witness the dances personally.

Why was today’s lecture important?

The lecture was important because it enhanced my understanding of the significance of dance in the society. Dance and culture play a huge role in expressing the beliefs of the people.

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